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Snow in Santa Barbara

This morning I headed up Gibraltar Road with my son and came across a small snow flurry. I tried to capture it on video with some success. Unfortunately the snow was melting as it hit the ground, but it was beautiful to see it float down.

Last Minute Santa Barbara Deals

Introducing Santa Barbara Last Minute Deals

Everyone loves a great travel deal – and we love rewarding our loyal fans with great deals on activities and tours. Today we are introducing Santa Barbara Last Minute Deals! Upcoming trips and tours at up to 25% off our standard rates. Now, this doesn’t happen every week, but when it does we want to let you know.…

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family at beach

Introducing the Adventure Company Blog

Welcome to the Santa Barbara Adventure Company’s official blog. We are so excited to share our adventures, advice and stories with you. Our hope is to build a useful resource for tourists, travelers and locals about this wonderful area of California and the activities Santa Barbara provides. We plan to share our” trip reports” here as…

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