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Introducing the SBACo “Shutdown Specials”

Now that a government shutdown is upon us, we are forced to cancel trip after trip – sending eager tourists and travels back to their hotel rooms as the ferry to Channel Islands National Park won’t be leaving the dock anytime soon. This is a sad state of affairs for us and the many other National Park Service vendors, but also for the Federal employees who have been sent home with no pay and nothing to do. We decided it was time to do our part – to give those Federal employees something to do. And while we are at it, we thought we would offer the public a chance to appreciate our National Park (once it is reopened) at a discount. Introducing the SB Adventure Company Shutdown Specials.

Government Shutdown specials

50% Off when you add into any existing trip for all Federal Employees affected by the shutdown and one additional guest. Take advantage of Coastal Kayaking, Surf Lessons, Wine Tours and more. Just call our office to find out what trips are running and if we have a spot, you can add in with a friend for half price. Call to book your trip 805-884-9283

25% Off gift certificates and vouchers for all kayaking trips in Channel Islands National Park if purchased before the shutdown is over or this promotion ends. You can’t go to the islands today, but someday they will reopen and you will be able to visit the park, kayak and snorkel for 25% off. This is an awesome way to support a business affected by the shutdown and get a great deal on a future trip. Please call our office to make your purchase. 805-884-9283

SB Adventure Staff

Help our guides stay busy and help a business that depends on our Federal government to function. Call us today and take advantage of these wonderful Shutdown Specials! And then call Congress and let them know it is time to open the government; businesses and families are depending on them to do the right thing.

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