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Immerse your students in a classroom with no walls, no books, and no limits.

Instead of reading about the ways that kelp forests are central to California’s coastal ecosystem, you’ll paddle through them – able to see and touch the plants beneath you. The underwater forest comes to life before your eyes as a school of fish swim beneath your kayak. Excitement rushes over you as a sea lion follows the school of fish. Dolphins and pelicans add to the experience. You listen intently to learn all you can about the plants and animals that have peaked your curiosity. You have become immersed in a unique learning experience called The Outdoor Classroom of the Santa Barbara Adventure Company.

California Outdoor Education Programs

The World is Your Classroom

The Outdoor Classroom at Santa Barbara Adventure Company provides exciting, fun, and educational trips that allow your teachers and students to have an unforgettable experience. Developed and operated by specialists in both education and outdoor adventure, we are fully equipped to create and provide high quality, exciting, educational trips along the California Coast that are suitable for all ages and purposes. The diverse academic backgrounds of our team members allow us to custom design our trips, tailoring them to meet the specific needs of your students, curriculum, and budget.

Curriculum Integration

We are excited to develop a custom trip for you that will meet your schools' outdoor education and curricular goals with activities that help you process and critically think about your experience. We don't just provide you with information - we take you on a journey where the curriculum becomes a part of you. Understand geology while climbing the rock face of a mountain. Discover marine life as you snorkel and kayak through remote sea caves. Step back in time to Native American culture as you hike past petroglyphs.

“It was an awesome experience that allowed us to explore and enjoy nature while having fun.”
– Janice

Fully Prepared Trips

You select the academic focus of the trip and we sculpt the itinerary for you! Our goal is not only to provide students with the most exciting learning adventure possible, but also to provide teachers and faculty with a stress free and enjoyable experience. When you bring your students to the Outdoor Classroom, we have everything prepared. Let us take care of all logistics, lodging, curriculum, gear, and meals, so that you can focus on simply spending quality time with your students and fellow teachers.

Designed Just for You

Every trip is custom designed for your group. We work with you to create a unique adventure that is tailored to your goals and needs. A variety of locations, adventures, and instructors allow us to develop trips that are perfect for your group. We are also skilled at working within budget restrictions. We understand the delicate balance of wanting to provide a quality educational experience for your students while still staying within certain budget guidelines. Many factors can affect the cost of outdoor education. We will work with you to design a phenomenal program that exceeds your expectations while remaining cost effective.

Activities & Curriculum

We offer a wide variety of activities and curriculum that can be combined to meet your schools needs. From kayaking, rock climbing, biking, ropes courses, surfing, and more, our activities help students connect what they learn in the classroom to the outdoors. As the only company permitted for outdoor education and kayaking in the Channel Islands National Park, the Outdoor Classroom also offers a unique experience on the Channel Islands. All of our activities can be combined with academic curriculum, such as geology, biology, ecology, and history. Our trips seamlessly integrate curriculum into our adventures, which allow students to stay attentive, excited, and engaged at all times. In addition to the academic benefits, the outdoor classroom helps students connect and build further trust with classmates and teachers.

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