Outdoor Education Custom Curriculum

Outdoor Education gives depth to curriculum and makes an important contribution to students’ physical, personal and social education.

We can help your school create a trip based on your curriculum and learning objectives. Understand geology while climbing the rock face of a mountain. Discover marine life as you snorkel and kayak through remote sea caves. Step back in time to Native American culture as you hike past petroglyphs.

California Outdoor Education Programs

Marine Biology

Kelp Forests are one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on the Earth! What better way to learn about this biome than to see it first hand? The Channel Islands & the Gaviota Coast provide an excellent backdrop to discuss marine aquatic life. Students are given close encounters with dolphins, seals, sea stars and other marine life.

Environmental Conservation

How are we affecting our world and what can we do to help prevent climate change, water contamination and air pollution? Walk through creeks and explore tide-pools to witness firsthand the effects of human behavior on our environment. Learn how small actions, especially yours, can make a big difference.

California's Natural & Human History

California has a rich and meaningful history. Students are given an intimate look at the life and culture of Native Americans, missionaries, and early settlers. In addition to human history, California has a fascinating natural past. Learn about the geology and terrain of California. What is a transverse mountain range and how has it affected the development of this region?

“It was an awesome experience that allowed us to explore and enjoy nature while having fun.”
– Janice


Stars, planets, comets, galaxies - there is so much to see and learn about in the night sky. Astronomy provides a gateway to physics, chemistry, and meteorology. Students will learn about Astronomy and Astrophysics during evening programs when these celestial objects are brightest.


Students plan and navigate mountain walks, making important decisions about terrain and weather. Groups work safety and responsibly with maps and compasses, learning valuable life skills and cooperating with their fellow students.

Leadership Development

All of our activities offer incredible ways to help your students develop leadership skills. If your focus is on leadership development, we have countless activities that will help your students with self-discovery and the ways they can lead and serve others.

Senior Trips/College Prep

Take your Senior Class on and exciting adventure trip that will give your students the chance to spend quality time with classmates and prepare for graduation and their transition to college. This is a bonding experience for both students and faculty. Students will focus on learning about one another, working together as a team, and getting comfortable in the outdoors, all while learning about their natural environment through hands-on experiential learning.

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