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How To Prevent Sea Sickness

Not everyone is meant to be a boatman; I know I have had my own queasy days on the sea. If you are considering a trip out to Channel Islands National Park, keep in mind that there is about an hour of sea travel to get to Santa Cruz Island. If you know you are susceptible to sea sickness, there are things that you can do to help prevent an episode. Here are a few suggestions from our guides.

1) Rest. Get plenty of rest prior to starting your day. A body that is well rested is better able to handle the stressors associated with sea travel.

2) Stability. Avoid sitting inside in the galley; choose a seat on the outside upper deck if possible.

3) Sit. Do not stand. Standing will have your body in a constant state of trying to maintain balance.

4) Focus. Keep eyes focused on the horizon or on a stationary object that is off in the distance.

5) Don’t read. Reading will have your eyes moving and stimulating signals that can trigger a sudden onset of motion sickness.

6) Don’t travel on a full or empty stomach. If you start to feel ill, eat some crackers and a carbonated beverage to settle your stomach.

7) Hydrate. Dehydration while traveling can aggravate motion sickness. Drink plenty of water.

8) Dramamine or Bonine. Take an over-the-counter medication for motion sickness or an over-the-counter antihistamine. Especially if you are a person that knows they are susceptible to motion sickness. These medications can make you drowsy or cause other side effects so use with caution.

If you have a tip to add, please share it below. We are always looking for new tricks!

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