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5 Reasons Why It’s the Best Time to Visit the Channel Islands

With something new and unique each season at the Channel Islands, visitors are beckoned to come back time and time again to experience all the beauty and magic the destination has to offer. Here are five reasons why NOW is the best time to book your next island adventure!

1. Whales, Dolphins & Fish – Oh My!

During early spring, thousands of Gray Whales (mostly mothers and their newborn calves) migrate from Baja California straight through the Santa Barbara Channel on their way north to the Bering Strait off Alaska’s coast.

While on the ferry to and from Santa Cruz Island, you’ll have the chance to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and likely be greeted by a mega-pod of dolphins hitching a ride on the ship’s wake.

2. Wildflowers & Green Hillsides

There’s only a short window within the months of March and April to catch the blooming wildflowers and bright green hillsides of the Channel Islands. Book your trip in the spring to hike amongst fields of yellow coreopsis and shimmering white morning glories.

3. Amazing Kayaking at Scorpion Anchorage

After a one-year hiatus due to construction at the pier, Scorpion Anchorage is now open for kayaking again! With many large, beautiful sea caves nearby, this site is ideal for kayaking along the coast of Santa Cruz Island.

In addition to kayaking, this area is home to several great hiking trails and 31 primitive campsites with access to potable water and pit toilets.

4. Longer Days = More FUN!

Daylight savings was on March 14 – That means more daylight hours for activities like kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and more!

5. Great Deals on Tours!

Book now before April 15th and enjoy our 2020 rates on all island tours and rentals.

So what are you waiting for?! Make 2021 your come back year…

“Come Back to Adventure With Channel Islands Adventure Company!”

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