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Where can I get lunch for my trip to Channel Islands National Park?

Food can make or break a good trip, so when you are traveling to the Channel Islands, be sure to put some thought into your meals for the day. Since food vending is not permitted on the islands, you need to make sure to pack all your food ahead of time and bring it with…

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5 Things to do for Valentine’s Day in Santa Barbara

It’s time for you and your sweetie to start planning Valentine’s Day and Santa Barbara is a perfect destination to celebrate! Couples can venture to Santa Ynez for a day of wine and catered lunch or plan for a kayaking adventure at The Channel Islands National Park. If you are looking for something special on…

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Wine Tasting in Santa Barbara

What does it look like to do a Wine Tasting Tour in Santa Barbara’s Wine Country?

Channel Islands National Park Animals

An overview of some of the animals you may see in the Channel Islands National Park. The Channel Islands are home to incredible biodiversity. Often referred to as the Galapagos of North America because of the number of different animals found there, the Channel Islands support over 100 endemic species (or species found nowhere else…

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Wine Tours with a Pick Up from your Airbnb

Book a wine tour with us from your Airbnb in Santa Barbara.

Tour canceled? You can still have a great time in SB :)

On occasion, tours get canceled… Bad weather is often to blame, and other times, it’s just out of our hands. Fortunately, there are still lots of exciting things you can do around Santa Barbara! Our staff came up with some great ideas just for you: Go Fishing! You can fish right off of Stearn’s Wharf.…

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Channel Islands National Park Day Trip

All the things you need to know when you just have one day at Santa Cruz Island, part of Channel Islands National Park.

Best Santa Barbara Bars

Here we offer our best drink pairing menu–but note the pairing is a perfect day enjoying the outdoors paired with some of the best places to get a drink in Santa Barbara (and Ventura!).

What to do in the Channel Islands National Park

Your go-to guide for both land and sea activities in the Channel Islands National Park! Wildlife Watching Even before you reach the Channel Islands National Park, you’re bound to see ample wildlife on the Island Packers boat ride. The usual sightings include common dolphin and seabirds. Depending on the season, visitors may also see whales…

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Visiting Catalina vs. Santa Cruz Island

Whether it’s for learning or pleasure, both islands have so much to offer… Many travelers are familiar with Catalina Island’s many attractions, and a week of outdoor school at Catalina is almost a given if you grew up in Southern California, but we have reasons to believe the “grass is greener” on Santa Cruz Island…

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