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Harbor and coastline santa barbara tours with sea lions

Come Explore the Santa Barbara Coast on Our Coastal Kayaking Tours

Enjoy the best part of Santa Barbara through a relaxing coastal kayaking tour. A seaside adventure for you, your corporate team or the family, your kayaking experience with Santa Barbara Adventure Company will take you through an exploration of the areas majestic California shoreline geography while introducing you to the invigorating sport. This island kayaking…

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5 Things to do in Santa Barbara for Spring Break

With warm weather coming and the days getting longer, people are looking for things to do! Santa Barbara is the perfect place for spring break with a wide variety of outdoor adventures, museums, events, and activities to choose from. Here are five of our top choices! 1) Gaviota Coast Kayak Tour  For a local kayaking adventure,…

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Things To Do on the Beach in Santa Barbara

Beaches worldwide offer a brevity of fun activities, and the beaches in Santa Barbara are no different in that regard. From horseback riding to surfing, here are a few local favorites that set Santa Barbara apart: Learn To Surf – Experience the waves of the Pacific Ocean with our surf instructors who have over 25 years…

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The Seasons of Channel Islands National Park

Seasons. Weather. These factors will all influence when you decide to visit the Channel Islands National Park. Here’s a great look at when it is the best time to kayak, hike, snorkel, and camp.

tasty cupcake and wine tour

Tasty Cupcake and Wine Tour

If you like tasty treats and wine, then you are going to love this tour! This wine tour features a delicious sampling of wine infused cupcakes from Enjoy Cupcakes in the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country. Some of our favorite cupcakes include Pomegranate Mango Chardonnay and Chocolate Blackberry Syrah.Learn more about the Tasty Cupcake…

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Limited Time – Channel Islands Sea Cave Kayaking

Want to kayak through sea caves in a National Park? Here’s your inside scoop to when guided tours are running this upcoming year!

Where can I get lunch for my trip to Channel Islands National Park?

Food can make or break a good trip, so when you are traveling to the Channel Islands, be sure to put some thought into your meals for the day. Since food vending is not permitted on the islands, you need to make sure to pack all your food ahead of time and bring it with…

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5 Things to do for Valentine’s Day in Santa Barbara

It’s time for you and your sweetie to start planning Valentine’s Day and Santa Barbara is a perfect destination to celebrate! Couples can venture to Santa Ynez for a day of wine and catered lunch or plan for a kayaking adventure at The Channel Islands National Park. If you are looking for something special on…

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wine tours santa barbara. wine shuttle tour bus santa ynez ca

Wine Tasting in Santa Barbara

What does it look like to do a Wine Tasting Tour in Santa Barbara’s Wine Country?

Channel Islands National Park Animals

An overview of some of the animals you may see in the Channel Islands National Park. The Channel Islands are home to incredible biodiversity. Often referred to as the Galapagos of North America because of the number of different animals found there, the Channel Islands support over 100 endemic species (or species found nowhere else…

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