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A Guide to Channel Islands National Park Weather

Many people ask about the weather conditions when traveling out to the National Park, as it can really affect a kayaking experience. Here are some useful resources for checking the weather so you can know what to expect!

It is always a good idea to look at the weather forecast for the land as well as for the marine forecast. Both forecasts together help you know the conditions more fully before you go. Your guides will always try their best to stay up to date with the weather forecasts, so feel free to ask them about the conditions as well.

When looking at the conditions, there are some basic terms that are helpful to understand. When the forecast mentions swell height that refers to the height of the wave measured from the trough (the lowest point) to the peak (the highest point). The swell period is the time it takes for successive waves to pass the same point. Wind also plays a factor on tours, whether it is onshore (going from sea to the mainland) or offshore (going from the mainland to sea), and how fast it is blowing. All these factors can impact your kayaking experience.

A useful breakdown of waves

We do kayak rain or shine, so enjoy the adventure! 

When the weather does impact the trip, please refer to our cancelation policy.

Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands National Park.

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