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How to Minimize Waste at the Channel Islands

The privilege of being immersed in a nearly pristine environment is part of what makes kayaking at the Channel Islands an incredible experience. The crystal-clear water and richness of wildlife at the islands cannot be seen elsewhere. That’s why it’s important for human visitors to do their part to reduce their impact and help keep these islands beautiful!

In ways you wouldn’t expect, the products and materials present in our everyday lives have extreme impacts on marine life and the world’s oceans. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association estimates that plastic micro debris alone kills approximately 100,000 mammals yearly, along with millions of other sea birds and fish.

So how can you help?

  • When packing for a trip to the Channel Islands, try to limit the amount of potential trash you bring. Use tupperware when packing your lunch, and try not to bring things that you won’t need.
  • Ditch the single use plastic bags! These are actually banned at Channel Islands National Park, since they are extremely harmful to wildlife.
  • Every piece of trash counts. Keep track of the trash you produce on the island – even the smallest corner of a granola bar wrapper pollutes the environment and can harm wildlife. It can get windy at the islands, so make sure your things are secure and won’t blow away.
  • Take any trash you do produce with you when you leave the island so you can throw it away when you return to the mainland. If you see debris that isn’t yours, you can help by taking it with you as well!
  • Use a reusable water bottle. By not buying plastic water bottles, you save resources and reduce the amount of trash produced. Your wallet will thank you, too!

Taking care of our trash and micro debris output is a simple way to reduce our impacts to one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth. Hopefully, by doing so, we can preserve the natural state of the Channel Islands and appreciate what they have to offer for years to come! We hope to see you on one of our awesome Channel Islands tours!

How do you help keep the water clean? Leave us your tips below!

turtal and manta ray swimming in trash


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