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Santa Barbara’s Logistics Lady

Santa Barbara Travel Logistics LadyWho is planning your next trip? If you book a tour with Santa Barbara Adventure Company, chances are Mallory Langston Cooper will be putting together the logistics for your day. Our wonderful Office Manager, Mallory, spends her days ensuring the details are all in order for many of the Adventure Company tours. Not only does to talk to tourists and travelers, she also talks to charter boat operators, wine makers and park rangers. Whether planning a camping trip to the Channel Islands National Park or a bachelorette party in Santa Ynez, Mallory’s days are always busy helping to ensure guests will have an amazing adventure. We asked Mallory to tell us a little more about her personal and work adventures.

What was your last great adventure?

My last great adventure was dodging boulders while running across active landslides in India. The mountain pass that we had originally planned on crossing got snowed in so the only way back to civilization was back down the crumbling mountain in the pouring rain!

You talk to a lot of tourists and travelers, what is the most frequently asked question?

The most frequently asked question from the travelers and tourists I talk to would have to be “I’ve never kayaked, biked, surfed etc. before, will I be able to participate in your tours?” I am always happy to answer that question because I know that our tours are accommodating to all levels of experience which really seems to make people happy!

Any silly questions?

I haven’t had too many silly questions, but I have had a couple silly requests. For example, there was one time when someone called in wanting to see if we could take a group of 20+ to Big Bear for the day! Unfortunately we couldn’t make it happen with such short notice but I definitely was surprised by that request!

Thanks for sharing Mallory!

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