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Tips for Horseback Riding

There is nothing quite like riding down a trial on the back of a beautiful stallion. But if it is your first time riding a horse, the idea might be a little scary. Horses are power and amazing creatures – it is important to understand the animal you are on and to respect its strength. Here are a few tips to make sure your first horse back riding adventure is a positive one. And always ask your horse wrangler if you have questions or are not feeling comfortable – they are the pros!

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  1. Get to know your new buddy. Approach the horse at a 45° angle to the shoulder while saying his/her name. This approach is least likely to startle the horse.
  2. When greeting your horse on the ground, offer your hand to smell for a proper introduction. Speak in a low, calm voice and avoid sudden movements or noises.
  3. Refrain from mounting a horse in a confined area with low roofs or doorways
  4. Have someone hold the horse’s head the first few times you mount it
  5. Wear long pants such as jeans and boots with a heel
  6. Safety first! Always wear a helmet
  7. Do not shout if your horse takes off or spooks
  8. Never wrap the slack of the lead rope around your hand
  9. Keep your hands as still as possible while handling the reigns
  10. Loosen up and move your body with the horse. Tensing up will cause you to bounce.
  11. Help direct your horse by looking to the place where you want to go. Horses are very intuitive and will pick up on your focus. Horses go where your eyes go.
  12. Point your toes to the sky and heels down while riding
  13. Keep your back straight without slouching
  14. Avoid the natural tendency to hold your breath
  15. Be patient
  16. Be kind to the horse’s mouth by not holding the reigns too tight
  17. Start with an experienced horse, as they tend to have the best temperament
  18. Be sure to have a qualified instructor

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Any tips to add to our list? Leave us a comment below!

Photo credit: Flickr/Phil Plait


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