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Where can I get lunch for my trip to Channel Islands National Park?

Food can make or break a good trip, so when you are traveling to California’s islands be sure to put some thought into your meals for the day. Since food vending is not permitted on the islands, you need to make sure to pack or order all your food ahead of time. Here are a few options we recommend for our guests.

1) Order Lunch from Channel Islands Provisioners. This is by far the yummiest and easiest option! This company will deliver your food items to the dock at your departure. Their kayakers package includes a breakfast choice, several lunch options, as well as snacks. They have options for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free options. If you are camping, CI Provisioners also has multi-day food packages.

channel islands food vendors

Fisherman’s Stew available in camping package from Channel Islands Provisioners.


kayaker package

Kayakers Package from Channel Islands Provisioners.

Flat Bread Sandwiches by Channel Islands Provisioners.

Flat Bread Sandwiches by Channel Islands Provisioners.

2) Pack your lunch at home and bring it with you. This is the cheapest way to get food to the islands. If you are kayaking on the island, there will be storage options for your cooler or pack while kayaking. Please do not pack any glass containers, as items shift in transport and can break.

3) Pick up lunch on your way to the dock. There is a Von’s Supermarket at 2433 Harbor Blvd. It usually opens at 6am. You can pick up items there to bring with you for the day. If you are purchasing your food the morning of your trip, be sure to leave plenty of extra time. The ferry boat will depart on time and it is never fun when a guest misses the boat.

Lastly, the ferry boat does have some snacks and drinks for sale onboard. I would not count on purchasing food for lunch on the boat, but in a pinch you could grab some drinks, chips and a candy bar. Have a great trip and if you have any questions, just call our office.


Juliana Dyson

I am staying at the Kimpton canary hotel the week of 23 to 27. I will not have a car. Is the ferry terminal anywhere near the hotel?

Christie Pasamonte

Hi Juliana, I would look into Amtrak service or Lyft/Uber car share.


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