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What’s the difference between your Discovery and Adventure sea cave kayak tours?

The Adventure Sea Cave Kayak Tour is our most popular trip. This tour is nearly a full-day adventure. After getting to the island via ferry the kayak tour usually begins at either 9:30am or 10:30am and lasts a total of about 4 hours including gearing up, orientation, and kayaking. After the tour is done there is limited time to explore the island before boarding the ferry back to Ventura Harbor. For the Adventure Tour, you must have a 3:30pm or later return ferry ticket. This tour is perfect for those who want to spend more time kayaking and exploring sea caves during their time on the island.

The Discovery Sea Cave Kayak Tour is a shortened version of our Adventure Tour lasting about 2.5 hours in total. Generally, the Discovery Tour runs twice a day: first beginning at 9:30am-11:30am and another round at 12:30pm-2:30pm. This allows guests additional time to hike and explore the island on foot before or after kayaking. There are many hiking trails that have amazing views of the Channel Islands coastline, a visitor center, and plenty of space to sit back and soak in the beauty of the park. Guests on our afternoon Discovery Tour must have a 4:00pm or later return ferry ticket. This tour is best for those who would like to spend more time hiking during their time on the island.

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